Badass Sound offers audio mixing services for projects in any genre and at any level of completion. Our OCD obsessed engineers pay close attention to every detail of your track and rely on decades of experience to provide you with polished, professional sounding finished mixes.

We offer basic mixing services for mixing raw recorded tracks either from Cubase Sessions or your supplied .wav or .aiff files and production packages offering discounts for full album mixing.

If possible, it would be beneficial to send over your rough mix as well as a similar sounding commercially released song to use as reference tracks when mixing your songs, so that we can hear what type of production style you have in mind.

There is no charge for revisions. Most projects will only need a couple of minor revisions at the most to finish the mix.

Turnaround time can be between 2-3 days to one week depending on workload and other obligations.

What's Included:
Mastering / Session Editing & Cleaning (if necessary) / Unlimited Revisions

Mixes Included:
Final Mix / Mastered Version Of Mix

Additional mixes available upon request (no charge):
Acapella Mix, Instrumental Mix, Performance Track Mix, Drums Only Mix, Music Only Mix.

We use a variety of tools not only to adjust levels. We add effects and tweak with each component, either based on custom demands, or we'll just do what sounds good. Before you send us your audio track, be sure to separate each instrument track (such as kicks, snares, synths.) and then send us the separated tracks so that we can work on each instrument individually. Also with vocals send us each vocal separately such as: lead vocal, background vocal etc.

Our mixing service is available for only $125 per song. See Rates & Packages Page for Deals and additional information.




What programs do you use for mixing?

We currently do all our mixing in Cubase. Although Cubase is an excellent program for mixing, we plan on installing additional mixing suites using Protools, Studio One and Reaper in the near future to offer greater flexibility. If you have done recording or initial mixing in any version of Cubase you can simply provide us with your mix session and we can open it up here to continue the work. Otherwise you will need to provide us with a platform independent mixdown. Please see the next question for more information.

Can you do mixing on material mixed in different programs or mixed on a portable studio?

Yes. This requires a little preparation work on your part, but is very do-able. What you do is you create a platform-independent mixdown for us. This means you mixdown each track independently, one at a time from your mixes, so that we have all the parts necessary to re-create your mixes here in Cubase. It's also a good idea to include a whole song mixdown as reference so we can double-check that everything came across correctly. You can find out more about preparing a platform-independent mixdown on the Preparing Your Tracks Page (accessible from the Home Page).

Do you do stems mixing?

Not at this time. We plan to add this service at some point in the near future but currently we do not offer this service.

Q. How many revisions can we make after the mix is finished?
Generally, we don’t usually have to make more than 2 or 3 revisions to a completed mix. However, we are willing to revise the mix until you are satisfied with it.  One revision can include as many changes as you like. The best thing to do, is after you listen to your mix, send an email with your list of changes and we’ll work back and forth by email and/or phone to bring the mix to a finish.

Q. Do you mix all genres of music?
The short answer to this is yes. That being said, if possible please supply us with a similar style reference track to cross reference when you send in your song(s) for mixing. This will help us to better understand and capture the sound and feel you are after for your tracks.