Before we get into too much detail about our mastering services, we feel that mixing and mastering are unique specialties, and if it is within your budget to do so we would suggest that having the final mixes mastered by an outside engineer who specializes in mastering exclusively would be beneficial for you.

Dedicated Mastering Studios have engineers that are specifically trained in the art of mastering, and these studios spend enormous amounts of money on equipment and the construction of rooms designed specifically to do nothing but master music.

If you can afford it and you need your music to sound the absolute best that it can be we strongly recommend sending your mixes to a dedicated mastering house such as Joao Carvalho Mastering, Sage Audio Mastering, etc.

We understand that not everyone can afford the big guns, and to lay out $200+ per song just to cover the cost of mastering is way beyond the reach of a lot of musicians. Also, quite a few projects do not require that level of mastering expertise and specialized equipment to produce a great sounding master recording. Badass Sound can master your tracks to a level that the vast majority of indie artists, songwriters and musicians would find more than acceptable at a price point that won't break the bank. With these ideals in mind, we offer mastering services in addition to our Mixing and Music Production services.

All music production and mixing clients receive mastered and un-mastered versions of their songs as part of their Mix or Music Production packages. This way you have the option of using the masters we provide, or sending your songs out to a dedicated mastering facility if you choose to do so once you receive your final mixes.

Our Mastering services are available for only $35 per song. Please see the Rates & Packages page (accessible from the Home Page) for Deals and more information.