Badass Sound offers High Quality Professional Grade Mixing & Mastering Services for all of your music projects as well as Music Production services to help artists and songwriters turn basic ideas into fully completed ready for radio songs. We offer quick turnaround times and a very professional approach to you and your music. Communication is priority and we strive to make sure your experience with us is far beyond satisfactory. We offer both Mixing and Mastering services as separate entities as well as various Mix & Master Package Deals for projects consisting of single songs to complete albums, and full Music Production Packages including Song Arrangements, Orchestral Arrangements and world class Session Musicians. Please See the Mixing, Mastering, Music Production and Rates & Packages Pages (accessible from the Home Page) for more in-depth information regarding the various services available.

Our mission is to help artists accomplish their dreams. The vast majority of musicians and songwriters writing and recording music do not possess the financial resources, high-tech equipment, trained ears or skills gained from decades of experience to produce world class sounding mixed and mastered songs on their own. Local recording studio time is costly and time consuming and all too often artists end up spending a lot of money for sub-par results that sound like bargain basement demo tapes. We personally know of bands that have laid out as much as $10,000 or more to a studio only to wind up with finished mixes that sounded like someone stuck a couple of mics up and recorded them live off the floor. Badass Sound's engineers are not young kids fresh out of Engineering 101, or local musicians with mediocre abilities sidelining as studio engineers and producers. We/ve been at this for quite some time and have the skills, experience and ears to bring your mixes to life. If your mix is flat and lifeless or harsh and squashed sounding and doesn't move you on an emotional level than how can you expect it to grab the attention of the record buying public, an A&R rep you're shopping your CD to, or a DJ that you want to play your music so you can gain some exposure? Of course part of this is having the talent and ability to write good material, but a great song that sounds like crap due to a terrible mix will receive a lot less interest by overworked A&R reps when shopping a Record Deal. You will be lucky to get 30 seconds of airtime before they hit eject and move on to the next CD in the pile . . And it will be difficult to get played by DJ's who don't want to play sub-par sounding music alongside the multitude of killer sounding professionally produced songs available to them . . Not to mention all of the local "fans" who buy your CD's at gigs and then shelve them after one listen because sonically they sound terrible in their cars and on their headphones. At Badass Sound we can take your song from its initial rough tracks to a completely Mixed & Mastered, radio ready work of art for less than you would spend taking your better half out to dinner and a movie. Whether it's Hard Rock & Metal, Country & Bluegrass, R&B & Rap or Top 40 Pop, your mixes will crush!




•             Experienced Engineers
•             Excellent Acoustics and Equipment
•             Great Customer Service
•             Competitive Rates
•             Fast Project Turnaround
•             Direct Engineer Communication
•             24/7 Customer Service